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    Review of JARKA RUUS by Terry Brooks (see his website)


    Del Rey, September 2003

    Grianne Ohmsford, the former Isle Witch and now High Druid, has problems. The new druid order she founded is in rebellion and her efforts to secure peace between the Federation and the Free-born have resulted in nothing. Still, when the attack comes, it catches her by surprise. Rather than simply kill her, her enemies banish her to Jarka Ruus, the forbidden land where the evil enemies were banished after the great wars. In a land where the ancient dragons, harpies, and furies hold sway, Grianne will have her hands full merely staying alive. What chance has she to return to her own world when the greatest mages of evil have failed for hundreds of years?

    With Pen Ohlmsford, the spellsong magic has faded to nothing. What little magic he possesses relates to communications with non-humanoid life forms--plants and animals. His own parents don't trust him to join them in their quests. But when the rebelling druids seize control after banishing Grianne, they decide to be complete and ensure that none of the Ohlmsfords are free to challenge their rule or help Grianne. Their efforts send young Pen on an epic voyage. Guided by the elf-druid Ahren Elessedil, Pen must find a path to his aunt Grianne. First, however, the small band must escape the hunting druids. Pen's growing love for the daughter of the skyship they charter quickly complicates their life.

    Author Terry Brooks (see more reviews of fantasy by Brooks) extends his Shannara cycle with a new tale featuring many of the characters from the Jerle Shannara series, but introducing a new generation of explorers. JARKA RUUS will appeal especially to young adult readers with Pen battling self-doubt, limited magical abilities, and first-love in addition to the evil druids. JARKA RUUS is the first in a new series and leaves both Pen and Grianne in worse trouble than when they started, but getting there is definitely half the fun. Brooks's strong writing kept me involved and has me waiting for the next installment in the series.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 9/14/03

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