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    Review of INSURRECTION by Thomas M. Reid


    Forgotten Realms, Wizards of the Coast, December 2002

    A small band of dark elves have made their way from the battered city of Menzoberranzan to Ched Nasad--their mission, to determine whether the spider goddess Lolth has abandoned all fo the Drow, or only Menzoberranzan. Of course, being Drow, all of them have their own agendas, and don't especially mind betraying their comrads if doing so can help them in the eternal games that the dark elves play for status and magical items.

    Once in Ched Nasad, things go badly. Sensing Drow weakness, the lesser species are seething, looking for a spark to launch into revolt. And the continuing bickering between the Drow is certain to provide that spark--especially as one dark elf house has imported thousands of gray dwarves into the city to support its bid for primacy. The original mission becomes secondary as the men become separated from the women and each group is forced to struggle for survival, alone in a city where they have nothing but enemies.

    INSURRECTION is the second in a series of novels dealing with the impact of Lolth's disappearing (see also our review of DISSOLUTION, the first novel in this series). Like DISSOLUTION and many other Wizzards of the Coast novels, INSURRECTION feels like a role playing game with constant fighting, squabbling for magical items, and rapidly escallating dangers. Author Thomas M. Reid writes smoothly and keeps the pages turning. There isn't a lot of character development or a lot of learning going on among these adventurers, but those looking for pure action will find INSURRECTION a winner.

    INSURRECTION may be read independently of DISSOLUTION but reading this series in order will enhance the reader's enjoyment.


    Reviewed 1/05/03

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