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    Review of QUEST FOR THE TALISMAN by Michael Faris (see his website)

    THE DOODA, Vol. 1, April 2003

    Quest for the Talisman--The Dooda Vol. 1 When his King sends him after a mysterious artifact, Kev gathers up a small crew and sets off on a tour of a strange and magical world--aboard a sun-powered airship. No one seems to know much about the artifact (the Dooda), but Kev soon learns that he isn't the only person seeking it. And some of the searchers will stop at nothing to seize it for themselves. Equipped with few arms, Kev and his party would seem to have little chance to secure the treasure, but they push on gamely. What they learn about the Dooda as they travel makes them more and more certain that it could be dangerous in the wrong hands.

    Author Michael Faris (see more reviews of novels by Faris) writes a light-hearted adventure. Faris's world building is first-rate with both the peoples and technology of this earth-like planet being interesting and consistent. By setting his characters against outrageous odds, Faris guarantees reader sympathy and interest.

    QUEST FOR A TALISMAN: THE DOODA is the first of two volumes in this series but can be read as a stand-alone novel. It is available from an an electronic novel for only $3.99. See also our review of A MATTER IN TIME: THE DOODA Vol. 2.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 3/31/03

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    Note: you can purchase the book, signed by the author, in print form, for $20 at Michael Faris's website. Check it out at Banner Exchange