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    Review of DEATHSTALKER LEGACY by Simon R. Green

    ROC, January 2003

    It is a golden age for humanity and its allied aliens. The evil empire of Lionstone has been cast down and humanity, the artificial intelligence, and the espers all celebrate their freedom--except for some. A few remember the old days with affection rather than hatred. Some see the new order as taking away freedoms rather than granting them, and many humans resent and fear the aliens in their midst. When Douglas Campbell becomes the new king of the Empire (for some reason, he isn't an emperor), the bottom is about to fall out of the golden age. Fortunately, the Empire has its Paragons, highly trained warriors with the single goal of defending it against all enemies. Unfortunately, some of those very Paragons are now corrupt and part of the problem. Meanwhile, an alien 'Terror' has broken free and began its slow but deadly trek across the galaxy to the center of the empire.

    Author Simon R. Green (see more reviews of SF by Green) combines all of the elements of a wonderful SF novel, an interesting world, plenty of battles, motivated villains, and a truly deadly and destructive force. Unfortunately, DEATHSTALKER LEGACY doesn't quite deliver. Sure the King Arthur/Lancelot parallels are interesting, but how is it that all of the badguys know about Finn Durandal's treason, but somehow, the word manages not to reach the powerful Paragons? Green could have given us valid reasons, or simply let Durandal keep his betrayal more secret, but he does neither.

    DEATHSTALKER LEGACY begins a new series in the DEATHSTALKER universe. The universe is interesting, some of the characters have potential (not King Douglas, however. Surely Durandal will kill him off soon and let us get on with the story), and they've got to do something about the evil Terror on the loose. So, I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

    Two Stars

    Reviewed 3/13/03

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