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    Review of CLUB DEAD by Charlaine Harris (see her website)


    Ace Books, May 2003

    Loving a vampire isn't easy, but for mind-reader Sookie Stackhouse, it has its consolations. Until, that is, her vampire boyfriend Bill takes up with an old sweetheart and is kidnapped by the King of Mississippi. Bill's boss, Eric, asks Sookie to user her mind-reading talents to see if she can locate Bill before his captors kill him and Sookie agrees. She's smarting from Bill's betrayal, but she still cares for him enough that she doesn't want him to suffer.

    Along with a werewolf who owes Eric a favor, Sookie leaves Louisianna and heads for Mississippi and Club Dead--a bar where only the supernatural hang out. She can't read a vampire's mind, one of Bill's attractions for her, but she can read their dates. And she soon learns that Bill is still alive, but not for long. She has to rescue him, but first, she has to stay alive long enough to do the job. And with Sookie Stackhouse, staying alive is a constant challenge.

    Author Charlaine Harris (see more reviews of novels by Harris) ups the emotional stakes in CLUB DEAD. Sookie faces betrayal from her boyfriend, the dangerous affections of a werewolf and Eric, heavy-handed 'help' from Bubba (formerly Elvis), and an entire kingdom of vampires who want something from Bill and are willing to risk war to get it. And then there's the crazy guy with a stake and the motorcycle-riding werewolf gangs. With all the adventure, it's still the emotional impact that makes Club Dead work. Sookie is torn between her love for Bill and what her life with the vampires has become. Bill's betrayal only adds to her sense of loss.

    CLUB DEAD is a superior novel in a fine series.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 8/27/03

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