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    Review of THE APOCALYPSE DOOR by James D. Macdonald

    TOR, November 2002

    Knight Templar Peter Crossman's task should be easy. Infiltrate a New Jersey warehouse, discover if missing U.N. peacekeepers are being held there, and report back to the Temple. Instead of peacekeepers, though, Crossman finds mushrooms that recoil from the cross, a beautiful assassin/nun, and hints that the end of time is at hand.

    Author James D. Macdonald (see more reviews of novels by this author) keeps the action moving, as Crossman and his sidekicks try to stay ahead of the CIA, the Teutonic Knights, and an alien race from another dimension. In a secondary story, Crossman's earlier, pre-priest, history is recalled. Macdonald's writing is slick and keeps the pages turning. I am concerned, however, about logic problems. Crossman's opponents are, presumably, not stupid. Yet they fail to take advantage of numerous opportunities to simply kill him and have him out of the way. Then there's the matter of the brass statue. Why did it call itself to Crossman's attention?

    A story that postulates the continued secret existance of the long-banned Knights Templar, of the Teutonic Knights, and of assassin nuns can't be all bad and THE APOCALYPSE DOOR isn't. The character of Peter Crossman is nicely drawn and his faith feels genuine. I found his dilemma while taking an assassin/nun's confession to be especially moving.


    Reviewed 1/01/03

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