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    Review of ACORNA'S REBELS by Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough


    EOS, 2003

    Acorna, a humanoid unicorn, and her friends are travelling across the galaxy when RK, the ship cat, mangles the controls and they end up on a planet ruled by priests and by huge cats--very similar to RK. The priests recognize Acorna as the foreseen one, destined to save the planet. In fact, her unicorn magic allows her to cure the dying temple cats. The problems with cats, however, are only the start of the problems of this planet. An unholy alliance between the local Federation forces and native war leaders threatens to overthrow the existing government, no matter how many lives it costs. Acorna, along with a few loyalists and the memories of her lost love, must somehow prevent a planetary catastrophy.

    Authors Anne McCaffrey (see more reviews of novels by McCaffrey) and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough (see more reviews of novels by Scarborough) seem to target ACORNA'S REBELS to the pre-teen audience. The linear plot line, plentitude of cats, and salvation-style unicorn will appeal to this audience although they may appear simplistic to more adult readers. McCafferey's early dragon books offer similar appeal to the young reader but provide an emotional and story load that will also appeal to the more mature reader.

    One Star

    Reviewed 3/18/03

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