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    Review of REQUIEM FOR THE SUN by Elizabeth Haydon (see her website)


    TOR, September 2002

    Although Rhapsody, Ashe, and Achmed have brought peace to their world and defeated the terrible F'dor demon that threatened their entire planet, all is not well. Another demon, this one sharing the body and soul of Rhapsody's ancient enemy, Michael, remains free on the face of the planet--and his sick desire for Rhapsody remains strong even after the hundreds of years since he last saw her. With the help of his demon and of his sword of winds, Michael plans to make Rhapsody his once more--regardless of what her husband or friends or she herself have to say about it. And even Achmed's powers against the demon and Rhapsody's power over the wind may not be enough to stop him.

    Several subplots--involving the Sorbold Empire and Achmed's attempt to build a magical device complicate the story but do not appear especially well integrated--possibly author Elizabeth Haydon (see more reviews of novels by Haydon) is setting up sequels. Even if so, these seemed to distract rather than add to the novel.

    Fans of the Rhapsody series will be overjoyed to see Rhapsody back, and to see that Haydon is wrapping up several prophesies that were not fully dealt with in the earlier trilogy. Although REQUIEM is not a formal part of the original trilogy, readers are unlikely to get full enjoyment from it without first reading the earlier novels.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 10/25/02

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