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    Wizards of the Coast, 2001

    Justicar, Henry, Enid (a sphinx), Escalla (a fairy), and Polk (a warrior turned badger) have defeated Lolth, Drow queen of the spiders, but they cannot kill her in any but her own plane. And now she is out for revenge, spending millions of spiders, drow wizards, trolls, and undead to destroy their planet. With only the talent and magic that they have learned, they must face a dark elf-turned god, her minions, and two enemies Lolth has pulled from their nightmares.

    QUEEN OF THE DEMONWEB PITS combines continual adventure and action with humorous dialogue and characters. All of the four main heros, and especially Escalla, have their humorous sides as well as their warrior/mage powers. Polk, the ultra-serious chronicler/badger puts the entire adventure genre in perspective with his frequent advice that they take on unbeatable god-class enemies head-on with no strategy except glorious battle (needless to say, the other characters know better and at least attempt a bit of maneuver).

    Readers of the genre will find QUEEN OF THE DEMON PITS to be somewhat predictable, but will certainly find it an enjoyable read.

    Two Stars

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