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    Review of PRETERNATURAL3 by Margaret Wander Bonanno (see the Margaret Wander Bonanno website

    TOR, September 2002

    Science Fiction writer Karen Rohmer Guerreri has been through a lot, but now she's got to write herself out of the death of an entire planet. Of the entire species of TQ (third kind alien), only her sometimes-lover Govannon remains--and he only sort of. He's counting on her to write her way to a solution for him and all of his kind. Naturally Karen doesn't have a clue what to write, but the story of Anna, the woman who just might be Joseph Goebbels' illegitimate daughter, keeps coming into her mind. So, without computer, paper, or pen, Karen writes the story. Naturally there are plenty of moments for her to back off and try to sort out where she is in her own life and to sort out the memories that belong to other people and species entirely but that seem to lodge in her mind without much of an invitation.

    Neo-nazis have decided that Goebbels was truly the spiritual head of the Third Reich, and that his daughter is the best person to pick up the pieces and create a new German nation. That she's married to a Jew doesn't matter--he can quietly fade into the background. That she just might know the secret to the fabled amber room--looted by the Nazis from Russia and then lost but possibly not destroyed--means that they can actually find the financing for their dream. What Anna wants doesn't matter to them and she is drawn into their plot.

    PRETERNATURAL3 is a funny and witty book. Readers who are familiar with the world of writing and the endangered midlist author will share in-group laughs with author Margaret Wander Bonanno and her alter ego Karen. Anna's adventure, and the over-adventure of the hoped for restoral of Govannon's race are compelling enough to keep the reader entertained, but the real justification for this novel is Bonanno's quirky view of the world and her insights into human nature, writing, and time. PRETERNATURAL3 will definitely repay the reader's time in smiles and outright laughs. But just how did she get the novel published through your standard New York editor?


    Reviewed 12/08/02

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