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    MARTIAN KNIGHTLIFE by James P. Hogan

    Baen, October 2001

    Kieran Thane, alias the Knight, is in the business or sorting things out. On Mars, he has plenty of opportunities. A research company has discovered a way of transporting living organisms--a method that involves creating an exact duplicate at the receiving end. What happens to the original is somewhat arbitrary. Complications ensue--complications that only the Knight can deal with. Resolving this problem, however, only leads to escalating issues. The syndicate is anxious to get their money back, and the Knight heads off with a group that is exploring Martian archeology--and discovering ancient structures that could have only been built by the earthly pyramid builders.

    MARTIAN KNIGHTLIFE combines tongue-in-cheek adventure with mystical mysteries. Veteran science fiction author James P. Hogan keeps up a steady stream of adventure while hinting at a fascinating new society developing in Mars. Kieran Thane is something of a science fiction version of John D. McDonald's Travis McGee, the thinking man's Robin Hood. Although Hogan doesn't dwell on the gritty philosophy of life the way McDonald does, it is certainly there in this novel with its combination of future dystopia and hope.

    Two Stars

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