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    DAW, August 1974

    After five volumes of frustration, Dray Prescot is finally married to the beautiful Delia of Delphonde. As always, once the wedding is complete, the mysterious Star Lords intervene, throwing Prescot into tunnels where slaves are being groomed for human hunts. His mission, as he determines it, is to save someone from the hunt, but whom? As always, Prescot is thrust naked into danger and must determine the steps to save himself and whatever individual the Star Lords have determined will play a role in their long-term plans.

    To help the humans and difs (humanoid life forms on the far-off world of Kregen/Antares based on non-primate animals) hunt their slaves, the prison lords have trained humans to hunt and kill like dogs--the manhounds. To escape, Prescot must not only confront the hunters, but also these fearsome bestial humans--all without a weapon.

    In this phase of the Antares cycle, Prescot develops new allies among the strange Miglas and his last major continuing ally, Turko the Khamorro (an unarmed martial arts discipline) , and is introduced to the mysterious continent-spanning empire of Havilfar. Havilfar becomes the location for the next series of Prescot adventures, but MANHOUNDS OF ANTARES can be seen as something of a detour in Prescot's life.

    All of the first 20 Dray Prescot novels are excellent and exciting adventures as Prescot battles his way through the dangerous and deadly world of Kregen. In this middle segment, Prescot has yet to determine the next major continuing goal and, as a result, MANHOUNDS OF ANTARES lacks some of the power of the earlier (and later) novels. It is, nevertheless, a fine adventure allowing Prescot to exercise more of the mystical martial skills he learned as a Korzair of Zar, finally allowing him to marry Delia, and providing occasional moments of levity as he fails, again and again, to rescue the right person from the slave dens. (see more reviews of novels by Alan Burt Akers/Dray Prescott).

    Three Stars

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