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    MAGI'I OF CYADOR by L. E. Modesitt, Jr.

    TOR, Tom Doherty Associates, April 2000

    Lorn is a talented student-mage--perhaps too talented for his own good. Rather than allowing him to continue to study as a mage, he is packed off to serve in the Emperor's mirror lancers, the military unit with extremely high casualty rates. There he must learn to survive and to use his powers, while keeping his full talents from being discovered.

    MAGI'I OF CYADOR is set in L. E. Modesitt, Jr.'s fantasy world of Recluse (see reviews of all novels by this author). As with many of the other Recluse novels, a young man is pulled from his comfortable home and forced to confront seemingly impossible obstacles. Lorn uses his white chaos magic to fight, but also works the black order magic to heal and begins to understand the secret of power. At the same time, his romance with Ryalth, a merchanter woman, grows to become a major source for strength for both of them.

    MAGI'I OF CYADOR ends with Lorn at a critical decision point--a point in which he must decide whether to challenge the existing order or to somehow fit himself into a world that does not accept mages like himself. I look forward to a follow-on book that develops Lorn and his story more fully.

    Three Stars

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