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    Review of LEGACIES by L. E. Modesitt, Jr.


    TOR, October 2002

    A herder needs a certain amount of the 'talent,' the psychic ability that puts him apart from other men. Young herder Alucius has more talent than most--and he fully expects to put it to use on his family's ranch. When war breaks out, he is drafted into the local militia. His talent, together with his grandfather's training, serves him well there, but the Matrites are too numerous and too strong for even his psychic powers. Alucius finds himself enslaved into the very army he had attempted to defeat.

    Author L. E. Modesitt Jr. (see more reviews of novels by this author) creates a compelling future world--devastated by ancient magic battles and still struggling to recover. Each of the nations that are now clawing themselves into existence believe that they have learned the reason for the ancient destruction and that their path is the only way to prevent its recurrence. Unfortunately, each solution stands in opposition to one another. Modesitt delivers a highly sympathetic character in Alucius, but also lets the reader sympathise with other nations' goals and fears.

    Modesitt delivers plenty of action, with an emphasis on the personal rather than large scale troop movements. Alucius's battles with himself, his personal discoveries and his gradual coming of age, form the basis for this compelling novel.

    Fans of Modesitt's fine Recluse series will add LEGACIES to their must-read list.


    Reviewed 12/28/02

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