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    THE LAST HOT TIME by John M. Ford

    TOR, Tom Doherty Associates, December 2000

    Danny Holman leaves his farm in Iowa heeding a call to the border lands between elf and human universes--in Chicago. On his way he sees a gunfight and uses his paramedic skills to save a woman's life. Adopted into the woman's 'gang' he becomes Doc Hallownight. The magic marches resemble 1930s Chicago with gang warfare, night clubs, tommy guns, and contraband. Instead of the alcohol that fueled depression era gangs, elf-blood drives the new. Weapons are both magic and mundane. Doc Hollownight sews up the survivors and pulls the bullets from the dead. When one of his friends is killed, Hallownight's commitment to this world is challenged and tempered.

    The idea of a new overlap between elf and human dimensions is old hat, but John M. Ford gives the concept an attractive respin. Hallownight provides the fresh eyes to see the changing world, get caught up in its conflicts as well as its friendships. This isn't a good vs. evil story (although there are certainly elements of evil in it), but a lyrical description of a world that might be.

    Three Stars

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