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    THE LAST CONTINENT by Terry Pratchett

    Harper Prism, 1999

    Rincewind, a wizard at Discworld's Unseen University, is missing. Actually, he is missing thousands of years ago, during the creation of an afterthought continent. A group of senior University staff decide they must track him down because only Rincewind knows the Librarian's real name.

    Poor Rincewind has got to set the Last Continent straight--and bring it rain, and he's got to do it thousands of years ago. Of course, every time he mentions rain, the local residents look at him like he's insane.

    All right, the whole thing sounds rather silly. In fact, the entire thing is silly. Rincewind and his fellow Wizards wander around this late-created continent, talk with minor gods in the act of creation, get into trouble, and engage in adventures that don't make a great deal of sense. THE LAST CONTINENT is not a great book of classic adventure and heroism. What it is, even more so than other Discworld books reviewed on this site (e.g., THE FIFTH ELEPHANT or JINGO) is a book that will make you laugh out loud. The mysterious kangaroo, cave paintings that weren't there a week ago but have now been there for thousands of years, Australian-style beer and questionable activities with sheep all combine to make a downright funny adventure story.

    If you're looking for great literature, plots that make sense, or characters that stick in your mind, you might try some of Pratchett's other books (see more reviews of novels by this author). If you're looking for a laugh, you've come to the right place.

    Three Stars

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