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    KRONDOR THE ASSASSINS: Book 2 of the Riftwar Legacy by Raymond E. Feist

    Avon Books, 1999

    When an apparently irrational series of murders attacks Krondor, Squire James, alias Jimmy the Hand, must rejoin the underworld and find the threats to Prince Arutha's peace. The action moves from city to distant deserts where evil magic is being practiced.

    The murders may appear random, but Jimmy the Hand soon learns that they are not. Krondor's indigenous underworld (the mockers) has been virtually wiped out by mysterious invaders. The murders are not limited to the criminal underworld. Anyone who practices magic has been systematically killed or driven from Krondor by unknown assassins. Surely even the prize of controlling criminal activities in a city as large as Krondor could not justify the cost and complexity of this assault--but what other explanation is possible?

    Raymond Feist fans (see more reviews of novels by this author) will enjoy this prequel to many of the Krondor books and the opportunity to meet many of their favorite characters in younger mode. (See our review of THE KING'S BUCCANEER). The well-developed magic system and complex political structure of the world of the Riftwar provides ample rewards to those who stay with the novel. The final chapters are an exciting climax that ties together the strands of the novel.

    Three Stars

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