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    KRISPOS RISING by Harry Turtledove


    Copyright 1991

    When the tax collectors bankrupt his farm town, Krispos decides to head for the capital of Videssos. Once there, he enjoys a string of luck leading him from homelessness to becoming the chief counselor to the Emperor, to the Empress's bed and the thrown itself.

    Author Harry Turtledove (click here to see our other reviews of novels by this author) makes this story interesting. Videssos is clearly based on the Byzantine Empire on which Turtledove is an expert and the magical elements add just enough of a difference to make the system fresh. Krispos is a fundamentally interesting and engaging character. His fate-driven and lucky streak to the top of Videssos society however, lacks drama. Rather than planning (except his decision to buy nice clothes), he simply falls into better and better circumstances.

    Three Stars

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