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    by Kaurell K. Hamilton

    Ballantine, Random House, October, 2000

    Meredith (Merry) Gentry is a Faerie Princess working as a magic detective in a Los Angeles (and an alternate) that is much more aware of magic than our own. Unlike most of her Sidhe relatives, Merry is a mortal. As third in line from the crown, she has a number of enemies who would like to explore exactly how mortal she is--especially as she has not yet come into her powers.

    When her Aunt Anais, queen of the Sidhe, decides to bring Merry back to court, the political structure of Faerie threatens to crumble. Somehow Merry much learn her magic powers, develop allies amongst immortals who live only for pleasure, and survive long enough to find what her (frequently sadistic) Aunt wants.

    A KISS OF SHADOWS is a sexy, action-filled adventure of magic, violence, and individuals working under motives buried under hundreds of years of history. Laurell K. Hamilton (see other reviews of novels by this author) is a talented writer who can create an entire universe of magic and alternate history--a history where President Jefferson welcomed the Faerie to the New World. A KISS OF SHADOWS is very much about sex and violence and inappropriate for children. The sexuality, like the violence, however, serves to define the characters--both for good and for evil. With great powers, Hamilton suggests, come strong desires.

    Hamilton has written a number of novels in her Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series. This is the first in a new series.

    Four Stars

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