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    KINGDOMS OF LIGHT by Alan Dean Foster

    Warner Books, February 2001

    The evil Totumakk Horde has ravaged the world, their goblin wizards destroying Susnam Evyndd, greatest of the white wizards in the process. Now they have cast a great spell that strips all color from the land. Only Evyndd's pets, magically transformed into human form, can save the world from complete destruction--by bringing color back. How they are to accomplish this feat is left to their own devices. With precious little guidance, and hunted by the powers of the goblins, three cats, a dog, a snake, and a bird set off on a great adventure.

    Sucked into a rainbow, the transformed animals journey across the kingdoms of light (the spectrum from red to purple). In each kingdom they encounter both aid and enemies, each kingdom somehow characterized by its color. Finally, still ill-prepared, they must confront their enemies.

    KINGDOMS OF LIGHT is a light romp. The characters are not especially well developed, there are no plot twists or surprises, and the motivations of the enemy as well as the harm the return of color will do to them are ill-defined. So why did I like it--simple, Alan Dean Foster can turn such light-weight fare and make it enjoyable. The pet device, popular in mystery novels these days, is bound to appeal to a wide variety of readers. Teen and young adult readers, in particular, will enjoy this straightforward and pleasant tale.

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    Two Stars

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