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    Calvin Morrison is a Pennsylvania State Trooper on a bust when he s transported to an alternate universe--a universe where a priest-caste has a monopoly on gunpowder and is using it to crush the only people to befriend Calvin (renamed Kalvan). If he can only survive, a beautiful princess definitely has him in her sights. Of course, to survive, he's got to change the world, re-invent gunpowder, reorganize the military, and defeat assasins, neighboring kingdoms aching for the spoils, and the richest priest-caste in his new universe.

    H. Beam Piper (see more reviews of novels by this author) has created an exciting alternate universe story, and carries it off brilliantly. Both Kalvan and his new world grow as a result of his efforts first merely to stay alive, then to help his new friends, and finally to create a better world for everyone. Originally written in the 1960s, LORD KALVAN OF OTHERWHEN has been reissued and has even enspired a sequel (GREAT KINGS WAR by Roland Green and John F. Carr.

    Five Stars

    LORD KALVAN OF OTHERWHEN remains out of print. It does appear, however, in THE COMPLETE PARATIME--along with several short stories by H. Beam Piper (which were formerly assembled in PARATIME. Check these links for THE COMPLETE PARATIME.

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