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    JINGO by Terry Pratchett

    Harper Prism, 1997

    A floating island emerges between Ankh-Morpork and its longtime rival, Al-Khali. The two nations are plunged toward war. Commander Vines of the Ankh-Morpork watch (the local police force) thinks it is a crime. Another crime is the near-assasination of a visiting Al-Khali prince. And if there's a crime afoot, Vines is the man to track it down.

    This fantasy novel in Terry Pratchett's comic Discworld series (see more reviews of novels by this author), features Vines with his assorted band of trolls, dwarves, Captain Carrot--the man so honorable one can't stand to disappoint him, and Vines' half-witted sergant and corporal. Prachett writes an amusing and intelligent story. Vines, in particular, is a multi-dimentional character who makes the best of the circumstances in which he finds himself (and he always finds himself in circumstances that need a cop).

    Somewhat more slapstick than the more recent THE FIFTH ELEPHANT, JINGO is a highly enjoyable and witty read.

    Two Stars

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