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    GREAT KING' S WAR by Roland Green and John F. Carr

    GREAT KING'S WAR continues the adventure of Lord Kalvin (LORD KALVAN OF OTHERWHEN). Lord Kalvan may have won the battle, but he certainly has not won the war. The priestly caste of Styphon knows they must crush Kalvan and everyone who supports him. They have money, huge stocks of gunpowder and weapons, and plenty of allies. Kalvan has only his 20th century U.S. knowledge of technology and military tactics with which to battle them.

    If you loved LORD KALVAN OF OTHERWHEN, you ll enjoy GREAT KING'S WAR. Roland Green is a master of the military SF sub-genre and brings his military expertise to this compelling story. Although it lacks the personal development of the original LORD KALVAN, it nevertheless represents an important addition to the KALVAN tale.

    Three Stars

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