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    FORTRESS OF DRAGONS by C. J. Cherryh

    EOS HarperCollins, May 2000

    Tristen, a shaping between man and magic, has learned to love and to befriend. Now his magic is being thwarted. His friend and King Cefwyn is in danger both from Tasmorden, their long-time enemy, and by his own nobles. Worse, dynastic threats from Cefwyn's too-wild youth, threaten the entire kingdom. When Cefwyn marches, Tristen is far away. Cefwyn must face magic, enemy armies, and treason from his own men. Tristen, at the same time, learns a deeper secret. The enemy he faces is no man but a primal force so powerful it makes a mockery of everything Tristen can do.

    C. J. Cherryh (click here to read other reviews of novels by this author) is the mistress of world building. Whether in her science fiction worlds of Cyteen and Downbelow Station, or in her fantasy novels (FORTRESS OF DRAGONS is fourth in a series that includes FORTRESS IN THE EYE OF TIME, FORTRESS OF EAGLES, and FORTRESS OF OWLS), Cherryh delivers a convincing and fascinating universe. In addition, and more importantly, Cherryh creates interesting characters who have real and human feelings and who find themselves torn by conflicting needs and goals.

    FORTRESS OF DRAGONS represents a mature novel by one of the masters of the genre.

    Three Stars

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