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    Review of FIRE LOGIC by Laurie J. Marks

    TOR, May 2002

    The Shaftali nation has been left leaderless and is under attack by invading Sainnites. Bands of guerillas fight back, but without the magical power of their leader, the Shaftali seem helpless. And even magic seems insufficient. Certainly Zanja's fire magic is inadequate to prevent the complete destruction of her people. Rescued by a giantess, Zanja joins the guerilla movement, but even here she finds enemies and secrets.

    Author Laurie J. Marks creates an intriguing world with a magic system based on cryptic glyphs and upon the elements of air, earth, fire, and water. Law has always been used to constrain and control these magics, yet the magics remain the center of the civilization--a contradiction that threatens to destroy what is left of the nation. Marks may also please or upset readers through her frank discussions of the gay and lesbian relationships between many of her characters--relationships that are perfectly understood and accepted within her fantasy world.

    FIRE LOGIC is enjoyable reading, yet Marks falls short of delivering the full emotional intensity deserved by her subject matter. The physical and social suffering that Zanja survived shoud have been powerful and compelling--instead, it was matter of fact. The love between Zanja and Karis was described, but not really felt. This was almost a truly wonderful novel.

    Two Stars

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