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    THE DRAGON AND THE GEORGE by Gordon Dickson

    Del Rey, 1976

    James (Jim) Eckert is an overworked and underpaid graduate student when his fiancee, Angie, is somehow projected into an alternate universe. Jim attempts to follow and ends up in the body of a Dragon named Gorbash (Dragons name humans 'Georges' and can't understand why he'd want to rescue one--eat one, yes). Jim may be in the right universe now, but he has a lot to do before he can save Angie.

    THE DRAGON AND THE GEORGE is the first in Gordon Dickson's (see all reviews of novels by this author) DRAGON series and is by far the best. Writing with tongue firmly in cheek, Dickson develops a host of intriguing characters including a talking wolf, a mere-dragon with an inferiority complex, and a magician who needs to keep track of his credit with the Magic Auditing Bureau. Jim gathers companions, learns how to use his dragon body and skills, and finally brings himself to confront the evil forces that hold Angie.

    Four Stars

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