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    Review of DOC SIDHE by Aaron Allston

    Baen Books, 1995

    Harris Green has hit bottom. His career as a professional kickboxer has gone nowhere, his girlfriend Gwen has dumped him, and he is as drunk as he can be. He comes up with the bright idea of talking Gwen into taking him back and arrives at her apartment just in time to see her being kidnapped. Harris's kickboxing might not be good enough to make him rich but its plenty to take on a couple of low-budget hoods with his girl. What he doesn't expect is that the kidnapping would leave him in a portal between our own world and the fair world--a place where magic works but where good and evil still battle.

    The grim world of common humanity and the fair world are tied together and sometimes share people and ideas. But someone is tampering with the ties in an attempt to gain control of both worlds. Only Doc Sidhe and his Sidhe Foundation stand in their way. Harris joins up with a reluctant Doc when he finds that Gwen is one of the keys. Through a series of adventures, the two males learn to appreciate one another--but can they survive the showdown with the masters of evil magic?

    Author Aaron Allston delivers a well written and fast paced fantasy adventure. With using both Irish/British legend and modern technology, Allston's parallel world construction is convincing and interesting. Harris is a fully motivated character with both flaws and goals. Harris drives the plot forward as his experience in both grim and fair worlds teaches him to be a full man.

    Four Stars

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