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    THE DARK REMAINS by Mark Anthony


    Bantam Spectra, 2001

    Powerful forces are attempting to unite the planes of Earth and Eldh under a single dark rule. Eldh Witches Aryn and Lirith, Earth-raised doctor Grace Beckett and her friends Travis and Beltan, and ex-Goddess Melia unite to oppose blood-driven sorcerers and earthly corporate might. The battle appears to be even for Grace and Aryn are stronger than they appear, but then someone begins killing gods. Such power is not only huge, it is beyond the imagination.

    THE DARK REMAINS is the third in a series of novels by Mark Anthony but it can be read as a stand-alone work. The pacing starts a little slowly as Aryn gradually realizes her true power in a coven that has relatively little to do with the rest of the novel (except giving Aryn an excuse to join ex-goddess Melia in her quest). Anthony shines, however, in the story of Grace and her fast-paced adventures on (our) earth.

    The climactic battle with an all-devouring demon is excellent fantasy. Anthony mixes magic with astronomy to create a truly destructive force of nature that appears far beyond the power of our heros.

    THE DARK REMAINS would have been a better book if Anthony had cut a hundred pages or so, polishing the jewel of a novel that lies underneath a little too much fluff. Stay with this book through the slow beginning. It will reward your investment.

    Three Star

    Reviewed 8/23/02

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