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    by Lloyd Biggle, Jr.

    Doubleday, 1963

    Someone is sabotaging the Universal Transmitting Company and Detective Jan Darzek is brought in to find out exactly what is happening. Unfortunately, what is happening is out of this world. Darzek must penetrate an alien conspiracy to deny Earth this instantaneous transport technology, then somehow save the aliens from his impetuous decisions.

    ALL THE COLORS OF DARKNESS is the first in a series of novels about Jan Darzek and the only one set completely on Earth. Darzek exemplifies the ideal man of the 1960s--without doubts about the moral rightness of his way, full of optimistic hope about the human race. Lloyd Biggle, Jr. (see more reviews of novels by Biggle) is a talented author who creates a wonderful 'future' world of the 1980s, a world where cancer was cured and cigarette smoking remains common and popular. Although ALL THE COLORS OF DARKNESS could hardly be written in the 2000s, it remains fresh and intriguing. Certainly Biggle creates a sympathetic universe of Aliens and manages to allow a relatively unsophisticated human to become a credible hero.

    Biggle was never the star some of the other writers of the 1960s became and this is a shame. ALL THE COLORS OF DARKNESS is an impressive and exciting novel.

    Four Stars

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