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    CERES STORM by David Herter

    TOR, Tom Doherty Associates, November 2000

    Daric is a replica of the great Solar System hero. Once, a thousand years before, his earlier self had saved the Solar System. Now he is a pawn in the game to determine whether the system stays saved, or whether it becomes something completely different.

    Daric and the reader, spends the bulk of CERES STORM uncertain of what his happening and why. Clearly Daric, as a re-embodiment of Darius, is an important character. Numerous devices are keyed to his body, his voice, and his inner self. His choices can certainly grant huge power to any of a number of groups who are seeking it. Actually tracking down what is happening, however, takes a great deal of reader energy. CERES STORM is difficult to read as a casual novel.

    CERES STORM does an excellent job describing a post-apocalyptic solar system. The memory systems that give spacers their unique ability to see the truth about planets and routes between stars are intriguing devices. The worlds in miniature that Daric sometimes must inhabit also demonstrate David Herterís imagination at work. Unfortunately the novel is marred by a writing style that is difficult to follow and characters that are not sympathetically drawn.

    One Star

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