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    Review of BURNING THE ICE by Laura J. Mixon

    TOR, August 2002

    The clone colony desperately hung to life on an ice world. Denied the full technological advantages of its spaceship-borne cousins, the colony strives to teraform its planet--but one of the colonists, Manda, has discovered hints of intelligent life on the planet. Teraforming could save the colony, but at the cost of xenocide. Manda has her own problems--as a rare single clone, and barely fits the social norms of her colony. Still, she battles to make herself a place, to discover the secrets of her planet, and to protect both of her planet's life forms from the creche-born post-humans whose ship still circles their sun.

    Author Laura J. Mixon delivers an emotionally rich story. Manda's attempts to fit into her society, her growth as she discovers her own humanity and those of her clones and her friend Jim, and her physical struggles form a counterpoint to the fascinating story of a colony cut off from Earth's technological innovations and forced to confront the possibility of failure and the loss of all human life on the planet. Mixon's style is strong, yet approachable. BURNING THE ICE is a substantial book, but it pulls the reader in and delivers multiple payoffs.

    With a terrific mix of world-building and detailed characters, names Mixon's BURNING THE ICE as one of the best SF novels of the year.


    Reviewed 11/26/02

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