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    AGAINST THE ODDS by Elizabeth Moon (see her website)

    Baen, December 2000

    Familias Regnant space is under attack. External assassins have murdered the leader of their government while mutiny wracks the fleet that protects the Familias from its enemies. Political squabbles between families, and between generations further divide the multi-planetary federation. Yet just when it needs its most competent officers, minor jealosies further weaken the loyal segment of the fleet.

    AGAINST THE ODDS is a sequel to Elizabeth Moon's CHANGE OF COMMAND and carries forward the stories of Esmay Suiza, a young fleet officer booted from command; Brun Meager, heir to one of the great septs of Familias, and the soldiers of the fleet--both loyal and mutineers. The mutiny has been partially controlled, but its forces remain at large and dangerous, as well as powerfully able to exploit political difference amongst the elites. Differences dramatically raised by the impact of rejuvination drugs that promise (and threaten) to allow the older generation to hold their positions virtually forever.

    Moon's strength as an author is in her combination of strong character with military action. AGAINST THE ODDS offers excellent examples of both. Occasionally, Moon has characters lapse into long political statements which, while fully in context, do slow down the narative--yet her strength as an author keeps the reader moving forward. (See more reviews of novels by Elizabeth Moon)

    AGAINST THE ODDS can be read as a stand-alone novel, but is certainly intended as a sequel. The reader will get far greater enjoyment by reading this novel only after CHANGE OF COMMAND.

    Three Stars

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