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    WISHIN' ON A STAR by Eboni Snoe

    Avon Books, July 2000

    Shelby Russau aches for a family, yet her parents and brother all died leaving her to a string of foster homes. She is an adult now, but she continues to feel the lack of family attachments. When handsome Raphael Blaize walks into her life with his story about a nephew that they share, her dreams of family appear to be coming true. Still, is sharing a nephew with Blaize enough? Shelby wants it all, with commitment, and is unwilling to take anything less.

    Blaize has retreated to his private island off the coast of Grenada ever since the death of his parents. Only now that his nephew is close to death from sickle cell anemia does his sister re-enter his life. He's ready for a woman and Shelby looks like the perfect woman for him, but he's unwilling to commit to anything beyond the day. Still, he needs Shelby for more than her body. Only together can they conduct the coming of age ceremony he feels certain will cure his nephew. Blaize believes in the ancient magic his ancestors brought from Africa. He knows Shelby dismisses his belief with typical American contempt for anything they can't understand. So why is he so confused about his feelings for this woman.

    Throw in a touch of the spicy culture of Granada, a dead grandfather that provides practical advice, and the lightest touch of intrigue and you have an intriguing story of two people from different cultures that struggle against the powerful attraction that binds them together.

    Although Eboni Snow generally writes in a clear simple style, occasional clunky dialogue and description jars the reader out of the story. Fortunately, the narrative strength of the novel pulls us back in.

    Two Stars

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