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    THE UNSUNG HERO by Suzanne Brockmann (See her website)

    Ivy Books, Ballantine Publishing, June 2000

    Navy Seal Tom Paoletti was badly injured, but could he really be imagining it when he sees an international terrorist in his small home town? If it's his imagination he'll have to give up his hopes of returning to the force. If it is reality, he's in even worse trouble.

    Dr. Kelly Ashton has dreamed of Tom ever since they shared a kiss when she was fifteen. She's all grown up now, but Tom insists on treating her like a goodie-goodie, not like the woman she knows she is. Tom shares the attraction but can't acknowledge it--not now, when he doesn't even know if he's going crazy. What does he have to offer a woman?

    THE UNSUNG HERO combines the romantic attraction between these two characters with the action of tracking down the international terrorist. Tom's aging uncle (Joe) and Kelly's father (Charles), both World War II heros, get involved in the chase as does Tom's sister. A secondary romance between Tom's sister and a local nerd with a heart of gold adds spark to the novel.

    Brockmann (see reviews of other novels by this author) is a talented writer (she won two RITA Awards at the 2000 Romance Writers of America Conference) who tells an engaging story. The secondary romance between Tom's sister and David, and the flashbacks to the romantic triangle between Joe, Charles, and Cybele add emotional depth to the Kelly and Tom's romance.

    Three Stars

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