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    TWIN EXPECTATIONS by Kara Lennox (see her website)

    Harlequin American Romance #856, December 2000

    Twins Bridget and Liz Van Zandt may look alike, but they are very different in most ways. Bridget is a sweet portrait artist while Liz is a sophisticated advertising executive. In one key way, they are very much alike--both have turned thirty without a man in sight, and both feel the ticking of their biological clocks. Being millenium women, each resolves to take care of the problem themselves. Bridget tackles pregnancy through a sperm bank and artificial insemination. Liz is looking for a more direct donor, but doesn't plan on making the man stay around. One thing both of them are certain of, brothers Nick Raines and Eric Statler are pure trouble. It's just as well that the half-brothers hate Bridget and Liz. Otherwise their good looks, charm, business success, and money would cause all sorts of problems for the twins' expectations.

    Naturally, things get complicated quickly. Nick and Eric spend half their time confused about their reactions. How can this woman be so attractive and approachable one moment, yet so distant and, uh, interested in their brother the next? Still, the fates, a little luck, and some tricky planning on the part of Liz, ends up throwing the pairs together. Or does it? Who was that pirate at the mascarade ball?

    In TWIN EXPECTATIONS, Kara Lennox (see reviews of other novels by this author) gives us not one but two romances. The very different twins manage their DNA donations, but they'll have a lot harder time getting rid of the men that they attract. Despite their plans, neither Nick, nor Eric, has a chance when the twins get a hold of their hearts. TWIN EXPECTATIONS' plot is a perfect setting for Lennox's humorous touch, yet deeper emotions run through the novel as well. Nick and Eric each has to grow before they can be the husbands and fathers they need to be. Lennox shows this character development with a sophisticated touch, respecting the reader's ability to understand without having the point pounded into her head with constant repetition. Of course, Lennox brings her trademark steamy lovemaking to the novel as well. TWIN EXPECTATIONS represents the best of Harlequin American.

    Four Stars

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