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    THE TRUTH ABOUT CATS by Robyn Anders, July 2000

    Customer review by Anna Parrish.

    The Truth About Cats by Robyn Anders Jennifer works for the Schilling Department Store. That morning, on the way to work, she rescued two tiny kittens. her boss yells at her for being late. She works in the lingerie department. She hides the kittens in a drawer, intending to take them home. An old friend, Rick, someone from her past, someone from the time she was rich, stops by. A lady finds the kittens and screams, "Rats." Her boss comes, a fight ensues and she's fired. And... she's kicked out of her apartment.

    Can things get any worse?

    Rick takes her and her ten cats to his home. He's still attracted to her. She's changed from the cling-girl to a fight-all girl. Her parents lost their money and she had to become tough to survive.

    Favorite part so far:

    "You don't like cats very much, do you? They're really easy to have around, they don't smell, and they take care of themselves." Rick raised one eyebrow. "If they're so good at taking care of themselves, how come there's a Cat Rescue League?" (I have five cats but you have to admit, that is a good question.)

    He's satisfied with being just as he is. She wants to change him. After all, and I'm being facetious, she is a woman and women know best, at least, that's what Mom always told me.

    He made a lot of money on the Internet and she thinks web surfing is dumb.

    All righty then...

    It's a wonderful book. You'll enjoy it. I know I did. You can find this book for one dollar at

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