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    Review of TOUGH LOVE by Amy Eastlake, 2000 (newly edited and revised, September 2004)

    Reporter Zoe Anderson only intended to give her troubled younger brother a taste of where he was heading if he didn't straighten up. The prison 'tough love' program seemed like the way to shake him up and encourage him to straighten up before it was too late. But Zoe was the one in for a real lesson when she catches the interest of sexy convict Tom Mayoux. Mayoux is exactly the kind of man Zoe needs to stay away from--dark, dangerous, and too confident for his own good. But when Mayoux gets sprung from prison, he latches onto Zoe like a cat on a mouse and fighting the temptation is more difficult than she had imagined.

    Mayoux and Zoe find themselves in conflict and cooperation when Zoe needs Tom to help her free her brother from the clutches of the gang he is associating with--and Tom has his own secrets, secrets he doesn't dare share with Zoe despite the growing attraction. He knows that she isn't right for him, and that the basis for her job--reporting the truth--is more dangerous for him than anything else because if the truth about Mayoux ever gets out, he'll be one dead man. favorite author Amy Eastlake (see more reviews of novels by Eastlake) combines strong emotion with exciting romantic suspense action in TOUGH LOVE. Zoe's growing feelings for Tom clash with her responsibility for her brother and her job. And Tom knows that every moment he spends with Zoe puts both of them into danger. TOUGH LOVE is a well written and intriguing adventure.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 7/25/04

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