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    HIS TOMBOY BRIDE by Leanna Wilson

    Silhouette Romance, 1998

    Billie Rae Gunther is getting married so the last thing she needs is for the one man she's ever loved to walk back into her life. Enter Nick Latham. He'd been her girlhood crush and she's never forgotten the one time they kissed. Still, she's an adult now and has to think of what's right for the ranch her father left in her care. Nick may not be the settle-down type, but he knows a loser when he sees one and 'Billie the Kid's' fiance, Doug Schaeffer. He has to rescue her, for her own good. Only what's good for her and what's good for Nick get awful confusing.

    Leanna Wilson has developed into an extremely strong writer and this may be her best book yet. In her metaphors and dialog, you can almost feel the Texas country-side. A ranch may be a romantic backdrop for some romances. Wilson doesn't lose that romance, but she tempers it with the realities of bulls getting loose, walking through manure, and figuring out how to pay the bills. The sexual tension between these two, heightened by the fact that she's engaged to another man and he was her late brother's best friend, sizzles.

    Reunited lovers is a favorite romantic hook and, in HIS TOMBOY BRIDE, Wilson has managed to recreate the appeal of this while freshening it up with some real downhome Texas flavor.


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