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    STRAY HEARTS by Jane Sullivan

    Harlequin Duets #33, August 2000

    When she catches her fiance doing the deed with his secretary, Kay Ramsey decides to get her revenge--and what better target than his prize-winning dogs? 'Up you' (Up yours didn't fit) shaved into each of their fur made sense to Kay. To avoid paying a fine she couldn't afford, Kay takes the only way out--100 hours of service in an animal shelter, working with animals that fill her with terror.

    When he was young, Veterinarian Matt Forester wasn't able to save a dog's life. He vowed never to let that happen again--and that's why he opened his animal shelter. When Kay's ex-fiance offers him a sure win in a $25,000 grant--enough to keep the shelter open--if only he'll put Kay to work with the worst of the animals, Matt agrees.

    Sparks fly immediately when the animal lover and the animal hater meet. Physical attraction gradually transforms itself to something deeper as Matt learns more about Kay's history. He is the first to see that she fears, rather than hates, the animals. Of course the little matter of Matt's dealings with the ex-fiance hangs over his head like a sword on a thread. Can he give up his dreams for the shelter for the woman he loves?

    Jane Sullivan (see all reviews of novels by this author. See also books Sullivan has written as Jane Graves) is an exciting new voice in romance. STRAY HEARTS is Sullivan's first novel but she has additional novels forthcoming in both category and single title. Sullivan writes with a clean style drawing the reader into the lives and emotions of her characters. Both Matt and Kay struggle to become worthy of love, worthy of one another and the reader will joy to watch the struggle and it's culmination. As with most Duets, the humor is largely in the situation. Still, Sullivan introduces a number of amusing twists that will put a grin on the reader's face.

    Four Stars

    STRAY HEARTS is sold, together with THE SHERIFF AND THE E-MAIL BRIDE by Liz Ireland, as a 2-for-1 Harlequin Duets edition.

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