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    THE EMERGENCY STAND-BY DATE by Samantha Carter

    Silhouette Yours Truely, 1998

    Jenny Forrest has it all figured out. The world conspires against single people. The ideal solution? A presentable date that's fun to be with but won't get any ideas. And Ken Parks appears to be just the guy. He's recovering from an old girlfriend's wedding--the one he let get away--so he won't be pushing for any of that romantic stuff. Except Jenny never really figured on having this much fun. It sort of makes her want to join the conspiracy against single people herself. But while an emergency stand-by date might be a good way to break the ice with a handsome man, more than ice might get broken if Jenny isn't careful.

    In THE EMERGENCY STAND-BY DATE, Samantha Carter (Shanna Swendson) has written a fun, contemporary book. All of us can identify with the feeling of being an outsider when everyone else is coupled up and you're the fifth wheel and Carter brings this feeling home. Her book makes you cheer for Jenny and Ken and presents them with a real dilemma. If Ken wants her as a stand-by date, is he the kind of man who'd make a good permanent addition? Word has it that the Silhouette editors have started calling Carter their author who can't get a date. If she keeps using her free time to write books like this, I say maybe she has more important things to do than go out with guys.

    Following her novel DATELESS IN DALLAS, Carter has written another wry story about the "joys" of dating in the '90s and is helping to establish the character of Silhouette's newest line, Silhouette Yours Truly.

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