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    SHOTGUN BRIDE by Leann Harris

    Silhouette Intimate Moments, August 2000 #1026

    Renee Girouard thought she loved Matthew Hawkins (Hawk). When she mentioned marriage, the lawer/cop ran, trampling on her heart. Now, despite the baby growing inside herself, she knows that she can have nothing to do with him. Emory Sweeney, her boss and the man who is secretly her father, has other plans. Once he announces that Renee is his daughter, her life will be in danger. Emory decides that the only solution is that Hawk and Renee marry. When Renee is nearly killed in an assasination attempt, she finally agrees to Emory's plan, but only after making Hawk agree to a Platonic marriage.

    Hawk has plenty of experience with trampled hearts. His ex-wife abandoned him when she learned that Hawk's association with Emory didn't make him rich. His mother hadn't wanted him and felt forced into a loveless relationship when she had Hawk. While Renee drives him wild with desire, he is old enough to know the difference between love and lust--at least he always thought he was. The Platonic bargain is a hard one for him to keep.

    As Hawk struggles to keep Renee alive, he is forced to confront his fears and realize that he was wrong. His ex-wife and Renee have nothing in common. Brandy wanted only money. Renee is suddenly rich, but unchanged by her new-found wealth. Leann Harris has written another exciting romantic suspense--with the exceptional blend of danger, family intrigue, and romance that have become Harris trademarks.

    Four Stars

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