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    SECOND STAR TO THE RIGHT by Mary Alice Kruesi

    Avon Romance, April, 1999

    Wendy, from Peter Pan and Wendy, now grown, plays matchmaker for Faye O Neill and Jack Graham, a former lost boy. Faye s abusive ex-husband taught her, and her children, never to trust and not to take anything on faith. Jack looks good, and loves the children, but can she really trust her heart, and her children to him.

    This charming story asks Jack and Faye, along with the readers, to suspend disbelief. Years ago, Tinkerbell could only be saved if we could all believe in fairies. Today, Jack and Faye must believe that the real Peter Pan from the real Never-Never Land will return Faye's children and allow Jack and Faye the happy ending they need.

    Mary Alice Kruesi combines a powerful and sensual love story between two adults with the open-eyed wonder of children.

    Three Stars

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