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    SEA SWEPT by Nora Roberts

    Jove, Berkley Publishing, Penguin Putnam. January, 1998

    Cameron Quinn (Cam) lives the fast life. He raced fast boats and slept with fast women. When his brother calls to tell him their father is dying, he returns home to St. Christopher's--but not for long. He'll put things in order, then return to his real life. Ray Quinn, Cam's father, turns all that around when he charges Cam with caring for Cam's newly adopted brother, Seth. If he is going to keep his promise, he needs to become Mr. Mom--or beautiful social worker Anna Spinelli will take Seth away and Ray's ghost won't be happy.

    Anna has her own problems. Her father abandoned her and her mother died when Anna was young. She fears to trust anyone, especially a man who refuses to grow up, whose idea of stability is starting a custom boat building enterprise, and who dreams of returning to the world of fast boats and faster women. Still, she cannot resist the attractiveness of this man and the strong (all adopted) family that have rallied around Seth.

    In SEA SWEPT, Nora Roberts (see other reviews of novels by this author) again shows why she is the dominant author in romantic fiction today. The plot line is fairly standard but Roberts makes it seem both new and compelling. Cam is an interesting figure. The conflicts between Cam and his brothers could seem comic-bookish if written by a lesser author but instead are convincing and powerful. Anna has the pride and strength to make herself an equal to the brothers.

    Four Stars

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