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    SAFE HARBOR by Antoinette Stockenberg

    St. Martin's Paperbacks, 2000

    Folk artist Holly Anderson and marine photographer Sam Steadman are both after a beautiful conwoman--for different reasons. Holly is looking for Eden Walker because the blond bombshell stole her father's affections and ran off with him in the Anderson family's yacht. Sam wants her because she stole a valuable antique engraving belonging to his ailing parents--and because she is his long-estranged wife. Sam and Holly end up joining forces to defeat the scheming Eden, but Sam's own lies threaten his budding romance with Holly.

    The Martha's Vineyard setting is evocative and interesting, the characters well-drawn--especially Holly's family--and the plot twists and turns keep the reader turning pages, especially during the last quarter of the book. The romance definitely took a back seat to the mystery/suspense, but still pushed all the right buttons. A great, fast, fun read by an author who always pleases.

    Four Stars

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