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    Michael Paulson's review of MEDIUM IN THE MIDDLE by Rob Preece, June 2010

    Medium in the Middle by Rob Preece cover A Fun, Romantic Read!

    The Medium in the Middle is a humorous blend of fantasy, mystery, romance and suspense.

    Psychic Annie Neeter’s close encounter with aromatic Sam Bert takes the reader on a ‘whodunit’ hunt aided and abetted by Annie’s perennial accomplice from the hereafter, Harry Bitte. With liberal dashes of humor, and generous pinches of wit, mystery and suspense abound as romance tries to bloom for The Medium in the Middle – despite her ghostly cheering section.

    In this fast paced novel, there is a smile on every page and at least one good laugh in each chapter.

    Well done, Rob! I’m looking forward to your next novel!

    Michael Paulson, Georgetown, TX.. (Michael Paulson is the author of the Deacon Bishop and Chambers Elliot mystery series.)

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    Four Stars

    Reviewed 6/25/10

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