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    Review of I NEVER KISSED JUDY GARLAND by Michael A. Kechula


    I Never Kissed Judy Garland by Michael A. Kechula A stunt double never gets over his crush on Judy Garland. A man spots a sign on the side of the road--and it changes his lfe. A musician discovers a beautiful doll who makes him a star...and more. A middle-aged man decides to help a desperate young woman...and wonders if the good guy ever can win. A girl wishes for an air force fighter for her birthday and discovers what true love can do. These are only some of the stories Michael A. Kechula delivers in this collection of romantic stories by the master of short fiction.

    Kechula has sold hundreds of stories to dozens of magazines and story collections around the world. I NEVER KISSED JUDY GARLAND is the Kechula's first collection focussing on romance and relationships, both gone right and gone horribly wrong. Each story has its own little zing, that frisson of awareness that reminds us of a larger truth. Many have happy endings, but be warned, not all romance works out as we planned.

    Prepare to be charmed by I NEVER KISSED JUDY GARLAND.

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    Four Stars

    Reviewed 5/10/10

    I NEVER KISSED JUDY GARLAND is no longer in print.

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