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    Review of BURNING LAMP by Amanda Quick (see her website)


    Putnam, April 2010

    London crime lord Griffin Winters is going insane. Family legend says that only a female dreamlight worker can help him control his powers, and only then if she has the burning lamp, a magical talisman created by his ancestor but now lost. Without that, every day his nightmares increase.

    Sold into prostitution at the age of 15, Adelaide Pyne has become 'the widow,' a woman who intends to put an end to London's prostitution rings. She takes Griffin's warning to heart... that Griffin's chief rival in London's underworld has detected her pattern and will hunt her down, but she sees no alternative than to continue. Still, when Griffin takes a bullet meant for her, she knows she has to heal him...and the magical lamp she's carried for years just might play a role.

    Together Griffin and Adelaide learn that they aren't just battling local criminals. The rival crimelord has his own connections to the arcane and the Arcane Society itself will stop at nothing to destroy the monster they fear Griffin is becoming.

    Author Amanda Quick (Jayne Anne Krentz) (see more reviews of romance by Quick) brings her consistently high quality prose to a charming romance. Adalaide is Quick's usual spunky heroine. With her wild-west background, she's a match for the dangerous and brooding Griffin. Griffin is a crimelord who has nothing to do with prostitution and drugs, preferring to deal in gambling. Still, Griffin has lost at love before and knows that a leader in the London underworld can never be safe in a relationship. A fling is possible, but marrying Adelaide will put both of them in danger, and Adelaide is in enough danger as it is.

    Although it has its dark moments, BURNING LAMP is mostly fun, tongue in cheek, and sexy rather than erotica. It's a beach read, but hey, the world needs beach reads and LAMP is a good one.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 7/03/10

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