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    Review of ALL U CAN EAT by Emma Holly (see her website)

    Berkley Sensation, May 2007

    When her longtime boyfriend makes love to her and immediately announces he's leaving, Frankie Smith is thrown into depression. But the town of Six Palms rallies around the owner of its favorite diner and soon Frankie has all the male attention a girl could want. First there's the sexy ex-gang member/ex marine, then the two guys from the mechanic shop who love fulfilling a woman's fantasy, and finally there's the sexy chief of police. But when a woman is murdered outside of Frankie's diner, life gets very complicated.

    Author Emma Holly writes a super-sexy story with all of the explicit details as Frankie re-explores her sexuality, and as Chief of Police Jack West divides his time between chasing a killer and discovering his own inner heat. If Frankie's multiple contacts aren't enough, Holly adds a bit more spice with West watching an explicit video featuring those same mechanics and the super-hot real estate woman Frankie's ex-boyfriend dumped her for.

    For me, the mystery side of the story didn't have quite the zing that the erotic side did. First, I never got the sense that Frankie was considered a serious suspect. It would have added to the erotic tension of Jack found himself compelled into a relationship with a woman he considered a possible murdere but Holly chose not to explore that angle. Second, the identity of the actual murderer was painfully easy to guess. Sure, with all of the detailed sex scenes there wasn't a lot of word count left to develop suspects, but I would have liked at least a little more.

    ALL U CAN EAT is not for those who think women should be good or stick with one man. Frankie jumps into bed with just about anything male, without much explanation beyond the rebound. But if you're looking for a well-written and hot read, you'll want to check this one out.

    Thee Stars

    Reviewed 5/27/10

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