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    Review of THE MILLIONAIRE BOSS'S RELUCTANT MISTRESS by Kate Hardy (see her website)


    Harlequin Presents Extra, #55, May 2009

    Sophie Harrison doesn't like noblemen. Since a near-rape experience while in medical school, Sophie has avoided toffs, avoided relationships and generally avoided men. When she learns that her friend isn't getting the job as head of surgery and that a rich baron is, she's ready to believe the worst, especially since the baron is a plastic surgeon. She has the image of the horse-faced nobleman, all about tummy-tucks and breast augmentation firmly in her mind. The only problem, Charlie Radley is nothing at all like she'd suspected...and that makes him very dangerous indeed.

    Charlie knows that some of the surgeons resent him. The hospital administration parachuted him in over several qualified internal candidates. But when he meets Sophie, he senses something stronger than simple career resentment. He knows he should keep everything professional, but every time he sees Sophie, he wantes to hold her, stroke her beautiful hair, kiss her until neither of them can stop--and that definitely would not set the professional example he needs. Still, when he's wrung out from a rough case, she offers him dinner and he can't resist the chance to kiss her.

    Author Kate Hardy writes a cute romance. Sophie, with her reverse snobbery, is a little hard for an American to grasp--after all, reverse snobbery isn't really an American thing. Still, her experiences, her fear of relationships, and her concern that those with all the advantages will abuse her trust is compelling. Charlie has his own trust issues related to an ex-fiancee. Fortunately, he has a supportive pair of siblings who don't let him mess up the best thing in his life.

    If you're looking for a quick romantic lead with a surprisingly kind and understanding hero, THE MILLIONAIRE BOSS'S RELUCTANT MISTRESS is a good pick.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 9/27/09

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