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    Review of BEST BET by Laura Pedersen (see her website)


    iUniverse, November 2009

    Hallie Palmer is all set. After the graduation party, she'll move in with her boyfriend and work as a graphic designer. When she's summoned to the dean's office, though, and told she cannot use her psychology class for both science and social science credit, all of her plans come undone. She could still move in with her boyfriend and take classes at the community college, but there's a chance to get college credit flying around the world and dropping wallets. Her boyfriend is not in favor of the world-flying. He'd be even less in favor if Hallie had told him that sexy Jeff is also taking the trip. Still, Hallie really wants to see the world...and isn't quite sure about moving in with her boyfriend anyway.

    Author Laura Pedersen (see more reviews of novels by Pedersen) takes us on a charming coming-of-age story. Hallie is precocious in many ways, but worries about what she'll miss if she settles in with her boyfriend without really exploring all of her other options. The whirlwind tour of the world makes for interesting reading, as does the abrupt transformation of Hallie's roommate for the journey, Amanda.

    Pedersen's breezy style drew me in, and Hallie's supportive extended family (complete with monkey) add a light and amusing touch. BEST BET is a great beach read.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 12/11/09

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